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Showshoeing women want adventure

Womens Snowshoeing Trip

Women Want Adventure

Looking for a new winter adventure?  Snowshoeing is an exciting way to explore the snowy region and get off the beaten path, literally! From exploring the best of the Australian backcountry has to offer, to learning new skills to snow camp, this is the adventure to get you out there.
Showshoeing women want adventure

Womens Snowshoeing Trip

Women Want Adventure

Looking for a new winter adventure?  Snowshoeing is an exciting way to explore the snowy region and get off the beaten path, literally! From exploring the best of the Australian backcountry has to offer, to learning new skills to snow camp, this is the adventure to get you out there.
Antarctica with Gutsy women

Best of Antarctica

Gutsy Women Travel

Welcome to the pinnacle of expedition travel – Antarctica. It’s a place of extremes, where the wildlife and landscape paint a picture like nowhere else in the world. The extraordinary islands around the Antarctic Peninsula are a stunning reward for those who conquer the infamous Drake Passage – which is all of you – and amid the Antarctic’s barren beauty you may well encounter orcas, humpback whales, seals and penguins.
Israel & Jordan with womens travel network

Israel & Jordan

Womens Travel Network Canada

Experience layers of meaning on this trip to the very heart of Western civilization. We’ll begin in Tel Aviv, rising from the sand dunes at the water’s edge.  The defiantly modernistic Bauhaus style architecture is being seriously preserved, and the city bubbles with energy.   Then it’s off to the Sea of Galilee, the lyrical shores of which were the birthplace of Christianity. We’ll tour the biblical sites of Armageddon and Nazareth, the ancient Roman site at Caesarea and the lively Druze villages.  Crossing into Jordan, another layer of history awaits.
Scotland-outlander story

Scotland – Outlander Story

Womens Travel Network Canada

The history, scenery, and legends of Scotland have come alive in the TV series  Outlander, based on the best-seller series by American author Diana Gabaldon. On this tour, we will experience Scotland as the home of Gabaldon’s heroes Jamie and Claire by visiting many of the sites that double as their fictional land. We’ll see the standing stones, romantic castles, and sweeping scenery that inspired the books.  As we are swept away into Jamie and Claire’s world, we’ll discover a magical mix of mountains, lochs, forests and glens, in a land steeped in fascinating history, culture and heritage.
Greece with womens travel club

Glorious Greece with Womens Travel Club

Womens Travel Club

The brilliant blue of the Mediterranean, idyllic Greek islands, spectacular ancient sites, and jaw-dropping scenery; this trip to Greece has it all. This is the Greece you have dreamed about and this is the perfect trip to experience it. After a good look at Athens’ Acropolis and a wander through the bustling Plaka market, we set off island hopping. We’ll be spending three days on Crete to enjoy its 5,000 years of history and soft sand beaches. From here we’ll take a ferry to Santorini, the island that epitomizes the Greek experience with its sugar-cube houses pasted on the high clifftops of Fira’s crater, washed by the cobalt-blue of the Aegean sea.
Ireland’s Southern Gems

Ireland’s Southern Gems

Womens Travel Club

Ireland packs a wallop into its small size; with its ever-changing scenery, ancient castles, small villages, charming pubs interesting crafts, it’s a fabulous place to explore. We begin with a good look at Dublin to see the elegant squares with those famous doors, the great buildings and exciting vibe of the city. Then we’re off exploring to see some of the best historic sites; Blarney Castle and the pilgrimage site of Conmacnoise and scenic places including the delightful small towns of Kinsale and Connemara and the scenic drive around the Ring of Kerry, the soaring cliffs of Moher and the otherworldly Burren. Along the way we’ll enjoy authentic Irish music and dance and plenty of time to get into the Irish spirit!
The Heart of Portugal with womens travel network

The Heart of Portugal

Womens Travel Network Canada

Travel with us to explore the heart of Portugal with stays in Porto, Coimbra, and Lisbon. Visit opulent Porto with its maze of medieval streets and riverside charm. Enjoy the fascinating mix of edgy public art and historic buildings. Beautiful lookouts afford fabulous views over the colourful city and out to the sea.  Wander the medieval streets of Obidos and Guimaraes and the historic university town of Coimbra. Delve into the ancient city of Lisbon with its postcard-perfect views from the heights of the city’s seven hills and white-domed churches and ancient buildings to admire in the cobbled streets. Portugal is tradition, history, and idyllic scenery!  
Sicily with Womens Travel network

Sicily’s Treasures

Womens Travel Network Canada

Sicily is a history lesson on a plate. And the best way to understand the island’s colourful history is to immerse yourself in its cuisine. Sicily is fascinating, delicious and paradoxical. It has been influenced beautifully by the parade of Phoenicians, Greeks, Normans, Moors, Romans and Spanish who have left their mark in temples, cathedrals and palaces but also in language, customs and above all, food.
Sights and Souls Belgium and holland

Masters and Artisans tour to Holland and Belgium

Sights and Soul Travels

Fall under the spell of the glorious Dutch springtime, with colorful carpets of tulips and imaginative flower displays, beautiful cathedrals in fairytale medieval cities, windmills set in green, lush countryside, and the romantic canals lined with traditional houses. View magnificent art collections of Amsterdam, cutting-edge architecture of Rotterdam and Delft pottery, taste local cheeses and chocolate and discover the uncommon beauty and the history of the Netherlands.