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Glam Girls Lux india

Princess Diary Photo Tour Rajasthan

Glam Girls LUX Travels

Our Princess Diary 2021 tour to Rajasthan India includes all the BEST 5* plus Boutique Hotels in Delhi, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Jaipur, and Udaipur - Every great dream, begins with a dreamer… “A tree starts with a seed”- Indian Proverb -  Women travelers choose India for the adventure, the vibrancy, but most of the alluring shopping, so remember to pack light – or take an empty suitcase.The Palaces I’ve chosen for this particular Princess Tour, will leave us feeling like Rajasthani Princesses, for sure.  Each property is boutique Five star, actually, all could be classified as six, but is that just my Indian jewel colored glasses speaking?
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Mt-Kilimanjaro-glam lux travels

Luxury Tented Kenya Safari

Glam Girls LUX Travels

Imagine waking up every day to a saffron sun rising over the savannah plains teeming with wildlife. Kenya’s tapestry of sweeping grasslands, arid plains and lush swamps with snow-topped mountains is home to spectacular life - USD$8500  Contemplate watching elephants under the gaze of the snow-capped Kilimanjaro and ending the day with a game drive to catch the ‘golden light’
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Off the Beaten Track in Michoacán, Mexico

Glam Girls LUX Travels

Flavors & Heritage, Past & Present  Hola , hola, what do we have here? Glam Girls Lux Travels is absolutely delighted to collaborate with Doni Belau on this amazing Mexican Food delight. With a strong indigenous heritage, Michoacán has held tight to many of its ancient traditions to this day, which can be seen in every aspect of life and culture there. From traditional clothing to architecture of pre-Columbian towns to archeological sites of the Purépecha Empire, the state is dripping with history.

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Kolkata with Glam Lux

Kolkata & Darjeeling Glenburn style!

Glam Girls LUX Travels

Oh my! Let’s DO Kolkata and Darjeeling, in style! -  Pinkies up.. its Tea time in India!  Our exclusive Penthouse in Kolkata, is a discrete, elegant residence in the heart of historic Kolkata - we'll fly to Darjeeling, for tea in the Plantations -started by a Scottish tea company in 1859, passed into the hands of one of India’s pioneering tea planting families – The Prakashes, one of India’s pioneering tea-planting families, will have us totally tea treated.
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Kyoto Glam Lux travels

Kyoto Gems

Glam Girls LUX Travels

This short 6 night GlamGirlsLuxTravels tour will tick all your Japanese boxes. In May when the weather is fine  - we'll do all the things locals do in Kyoto - Calligraphy, visit a few Temples, and castles, we'll walk our legs off amongst the cherry trees, learn how to 'shobori' a scarf, we'll visit gardens, and enjoy traditonal tea ceremonies, we'll visit galleries, and learn the art of wrapping up all our gifts we've purchased. And, we've included a Geisha dinner party as well..
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Hawaii Tour and Cruise Womens Travel club

Hawaii Tour & Cruise

Womens Travel Club

There is no place on earth like Hawaii, with it's tropical beauty, lush rainforests and turquoise waters. Hawaii has so much to offer, rich in history, great shopping and unbelievable scenery. One of the best ways to see all that Hawaii has to offer is to cruise around these wonderful islands.
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adventures in good company trekking-to-machu-picchu

Trekking to Machu Picchu

Adventures in Good Company

Machu Picchu - the archeological marvel - is only one of the many highlights of Incan culture and history that we explore on this trip. Staying in remote mountain lodges, we trek along an ancient Incan Trail (a more remote off shoot of THE Inca Trail), over high passes and below towering peaks, away from crowded trails, and into the authentic heart of the Incan empire. At the end we visit Machu Picchu, the crowning glory of the Incas.
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Adventures in Good company

Guatemala: Volcanoes, Lakes and Culture

Adventures in Good Company

Home of the ancient Mayan culture, Guatemala is a prime destination for those who want to combine active exploration of stunning topography with cultural immersion. Guatemala is known as the “Land of Eternal Spring” with consistent, temperate weather that makes it an ideal year-round destination.
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Adventures in Good company_wings-and-wonders-of-guyana-a-naturalists-paradise

Wings and Wonders of Guyana – A Naturalist’s Paradise

Adventures in Good Company

Nestled on the North Eastern corner of the South American continent, Guyana stretches 270 miles along the Atlantic coastline into dense tropical forest and the broad savannahs of the Rupununi. On this journey we spend ten days exploring both the inland tropical forest and the vibrant coastal communities, visiting the impressive Kaieteur Falls, staying in community owned lodges, and observing the rich bird and wildlife of this amazingly biodiverse country.
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Bridge to nowhere with Venus Adventures

Let’s walk the North Island!

Venus Adventures for Women

Walk the North Island and discover local treasures along the way - a driving and boating between walks - walking about 5kms a day.

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