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Brazil EcoJourneys is women owned company focused on Sustainable Tourism, not because it is fashionable, but because we  love this part of the world and want it to remain beautiful for generations to come.  We offer everything from a day trip to a weekend to a full customised itinerary.

How does Brazil EcoJourneys Travel?

We stay:

We use small, often family-run hotels, whenever possible, which we are continuously encouraging to certify as sustainable lodgings. We check that all our adventure outfitters are not only safe, but respectful of the environment.

Local Guides and Projects

We use local guides and drivers, even if means that we have to hire bilingual guides as well to relate to our clients. We support and promote local community-based and volunteer tourism in conservation projects.

Customised Trips

We offer day trips around Florianopolis our home base, to the Wine and Canyons of South Brazil, wildlife watching, survfing, and of course the Iguazu Falls.  Contact us to help organise a trip for you or your group.

LGBT owned company – all our services and accommodations are LGBT friendly

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