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Enriching the lives of women, one tour at a time

Broad Escapes offers full travel service planning and our experienced agents, together with our worldwide partners, will create an extraordinary travel experience that’s just for you. Co-Founder Bonnie Hinschberger’s passion for travel, keen interest in photography and love of outdoor adventure contributes to her enjoyment and appreciation for the uniqueness of destinations worldwide. With 30 years of travel industry experience, as well as being an avid traveller, she understands what makes the ultimate trip.

“During these trips, I’ve seen first-hand how much women benefit and thoroughly enjoy ‘going with the girls.’ Our group tours give women the opportunity to experience places throughout the world that they’ve often only read about. The memories we create while travelling are priceless.” – Bonnie Hinschberger

The Experience 

Broad Escapes delivers enriching experiences for women to travel in a safe and friendly environment. Fully escorted, our small group tours are culturally rich and meticulously designed, offering a hassle-free way to travel. We embrace new cultures, interact with locals, and explore the nooks and crannies few ever visit. Destinations vary each year and solo travellers are always welcome! All prices are in Canadian dollars! We invite you to immerse yourself in our extraordinary journeys today! We offer a safe, women-only, travel environment for all travellers.

Featured Destinations

Broad Escapes offer a variety of destinations, each with tailor-made, exclusive female-friendly inclusions.

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It Takes a Village: An Inspirational Story of Rural India, by Bonnie Hinschberger (September 16, 2020)

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