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Discover Strengthen Heal offers unique international travel experiences with a focus on mental health and wellbeing. Our trips cover topics such as depression, anxiety, body image, domestic abuse, self-esteem, grief and more. Trips for those wanting to invest in themselves.


Facilities vary depending on location. Camping, luxury hotels, nature resorts, sleeping under the stars. Locations include Nepal, Jordan, Republic of Georgia, India, South Korea, Mongolia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Uganda.


Hiking, biking, meditation, yoga, counselling, journaling, personal development workshops, swimming, watersports, cooking, art, exercise & fitness classes, weight loss support, authentic cultural experiences, psychology based workshops, life coaching


All of our trips focus on mental health and wellbeing, with professional support from health professionals. Topics covered include – grief, depression, anxiety, domestic abuse, stress, body image and eating disorders, trauma, self-esteem and more.

Practical advice and support from experienced mental health professionals. We incorporate diet, nutrition and exercise into all of our trips. Discover Strengthen Heal trips are all about promoting a healthy lifestyle and improving mental health.

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