Forget Me Not Holidays for Women

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Forget me not holidays for women in Vietnam

Have you ever wanted to enjoy a holiday, travelling to a more exotic place, where you get to experience a new culture, taste some sublime food, and immerse yourself into a range of local activities?  Then join Forget Me Not Holidays in Vietnam and other places in Asia.


Sightseeing, visiting some great local attractions, meeting some Vietnamese women at a local charity workshop, plus so much more. It’s about the friendships you form, locals you meet, and experiencing an amazing new culture.

With us, it’s not just about seeing the amazing sights, but also about providing the opportunity for women to take some time out, build some new lifelong friendships, and enjoy many aspects of the local cuisine, culture, and visit many of the local attractions.

We are based in New Zealand, so love travelling with NZ women – but women from other parts of the world are welcome to join us

“It’s a really fantastic stress free holiday experience where you are well catered for and you don’t need to worry about catching flights etc, but you get to experience a whole different culture.  I feel rejuvenated!”

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