Moonshiners Retreats for Women in Portugal

Meaningful Retreats in Idyllic Settings

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My name is Iris Johner, I am a qualified therapist, facilitator and founder of Moonshiners Retreats which offer week-long retreats to women in the Algarve in Portugal most likely around Lagos.
The idea is to gather a group of women (max.10) in a beautiful villa for one week of activities, excursions and workshops such as yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, art therapy, women’s circles, moon ceremonies, mindful hikes,… and to create a safe and kind environment in order to help women blossom into the best version of themselves.
We put the accent of 4 main topics which are Women’s empowerment, spiritual healing, connection/inspiration & nutrition. I work with teachers, therapists and culinary designers.

MOONSHINERS has the right setting for you!

We welcome you in one of our beautiful villas in sunny Algarve, Portugal for week long retreats gathering small groups of women for a unique experience of well-being, inner exploration & womanhood.

We believe that all women are amazing in their own ways. Do the world a favor, stop hiding your magic !

We promote self-expression, self-love & creativity within the women’s community in order to help them explore & develop their inner potential. Find your path, set up your goals & reveal your power.

Retreats usually in Spring and Fall.

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