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Affordable Eco friendly Expeditions. Bhutan, Nepal, Ladakh and Mongolia

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roots of asia

Discover a new way of travelling with Roots Journeys. Nourish your soul and travel with open minded women. We promote eco-friendly and mindful travel, in Northern Thailand and around the world. Let us customise a trip for you or join one of our trips.


We travel in small groups so we can take you off the beaten track. We are very passionate about our Women’s Journeys, there is something magic that happens when women reunite and inspire each other. Reconnect with your wild side and mother nature.


In Asia – trips to Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, Nepal, and Mongolia. Further afield – trips to Andalucia and more


Revitalize yourself by Thai wellness, living in nature and mindful practices such as Qigong and meditation. The Green Mindful Tour is for those who like to deepen their practice in Qigong mindfulness

Recharge in nature. You will notice that a day started off with Qigong just feels different. This Qigong program is included in the Green Mindful Tour. We offer an introduction Qigong session in every tour.

Customised Tours

We also create Private Tours in Asia for couples and families. Please ask us about your needs. We can create Private Group Tours which accommodate your personal objectives and requirements.

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