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Solo kiwi ventures

Solo Kiwi Ventures is for solo traveler’s like myself? Want a break from your family/kids or just time out? Keen to experience new activities with others or by yourself, knowing that you will have company. Bali is one of our favourite destinations.


Stay in some amazing and private accommodation Have the flexibility to go on excursions YOU are interested in Have days to yourself to relax or just do your own thing. Take the leap, take the chance to travel YOUR way.


10 Days in Bali – Indulge your senses in a daily massage, chill by the pool/beach or do some sightseeing with others from our group, or just do your own thing and meet up with us for dinner and a laugh.

Special offer

I now have an interest-free payment plan available with a $500 deposit (non refundable) Payments are based on the number of months left until we depart for the tour/retreat, you simply divide the total cost by the number of months left (up to 10 months maximum) until departure.  The final payment must be completed by one calendar month prior to the start of our journey.  

I put in this plan as I want travel to be accessible to all ladies.