Tours for Independent Thinking Women

Welcome to a different way of travelling!

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Tours for Independent Thinking Women – Travel with Penny King – tour organizer and long-time traveler. This group of tours is one about which I feel very passionate! Women friends and colleagues have told me that they want to be able to travel alone and still feel part of a group.


Join 10 “independent-thinking women”, to share experiences which escape the grasp of ordinary tours. We are still there when the piazzas empty and the tour buses go home. Our small group makes it easy to wander around in places “off the beaten track”


On our walks, each corner we turn will reveal something at once ordinary and extraordinary – a carved doorway, an embellished window screen, a tiny shrine with fresh flowers. I find that my head is always swiveling!

How to find us:
Our company is based in Adelaide, South Australia but offer these tours especially to France and Italy – countries that delight.

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