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What makes VERALUNA different is our focus on giving guests the tools to fully experience local culture, while never compromising on comfort and luxury in Italy. One of these tools is learning the local language. Forget classrooms and enjoy lessons over a cappuccino and croissant, or even during a sunset aperitivo.

We combine LUXURY, CULTURE and RELAXATION to offer more than just a holiday…

VERALUNA hosts educational, cultural and luxury retreats aimed to empower women who love to travel and explore new destinations, solo or as part of a group.  Our holidays are tailor made for women by women. Make friends and be inspired by like-minded people from around the world.

Enjoy daily yoga sessions, take time for yourself and have all your holiday needs catered to.  Let someone else look after you for a change!

A Language Retreat…

No more panicking when you want to order something off the menu or when someone greets you in the local language, we have it covered!

A Cultural Immersion

Live and breathe a country’s culture, from learning a new language to cooking and socialising with locals. Indulge in a truly immersive experience.

A Luxury Experience

From boutique accommodation to exclusive experiences, VERALUNA does not compromise when it comes to creating the ultimate lavish retreat

A Culinary Journey

Learn from local chefs who will impart their knowledge of traditional recipes to create authentic, timeless flavours.

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