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A Luxury Tented Safari In Kenya

A Luxury Tented Safari In Kenya

Girls Guide to Paris and Beyond

Seeing Spots, Stripes & Trumpets with Conservation Experts  Discover Kenya’s rich wildlife and its diverse cultures with Rupi Mangat, a third generation local and a leading Kenyan travel writer who lives in this tropical paradise on the Equator, the denizen of big game – elephants and rhino; lions, leopards and cheetahs; and mighty raptors that soar the skies.
South africa wildlife

An Expedition To Protect & Preserve Africa’s Wildlife

Girls Guide to Paris and Beyond

Wildlife conservation safari experience with a local not-for-profit in South Africa.  AFRICA… The magnetic natural beauty, the crescendo of the exploding sunrises, the intoxicating mix of sights and sounds, the wildlife and natural splendor that enthralls, captivates and stills your mind, body and soul… the thrill of adventure, the raw, untamed wild power of survival …. This is AFRICA!!

Mt-Kilimanjaro-glam lux travels

Luxury Tented Kenya Safari

Glam Girls LUX Travels

Imagine waking up every day to a saffron sun rising over the savannah plains teeming with wildlife. Kenya’s tapestry of sweeping grasslands, arid plains and lush swamps with snow-topped mountains is home to spectacular life - USD$8500  Contemplate watching elephants under the gaze of the snow-capped Kilimanjaro and ending the day with a game drive to catch the ‘golden light’
Morocco mother and daughter womens travel network

Morocco Mother & Daughter

Womens Travel Network Canada

Join a group of adventurous Mothers & Daughters to explore the captivating culture, ancient cities, sweeping deserts, epic mountain ranges– and warm hospitality that defines Morocco. Put work, school and other obligations of life aside to focus on sharing unique and beautiful experiences with the most important lady in your life.
Womens Travel club Tanzania

Northern Serengeti Migration Safari

Womens Travel Club

Join the women’s travel club for a fabulous tour of one of Africa’s premier destinations, Tanzania for the Migration route of the Northern Serengeti! This tour features a full immersion into the incredible abundance of biodiversity and sweeping vistas of the mighty Serengeti landscapes while learning about the local Maasai culture.
Madagascar adventure women travel club

Madagascar Adventure

Womens Travel Club

Spend 12 days uncovering the uniqueness of Madagascar, home to a wide variety of birds, orchids and animals. Take in the incredible scenery and enjoy the abundant wildlife available here. There’s more to Madagascar than just lemurs! Though these adorable creatures certainly aren’t in short supply on this 12 day round trip from Antananarivo.
Extend your stay! Make it a Grand Tour by combining this tour with our Ethiopia Tour.
Egypt Uncovered with Gutsy women

Egypt Uncovered

Gutsy Women Travel

Live like a pharaoh - Travel back in time through the layers of extraordinary history in Egypt. Gaze at the pyramids, float down the Nile, explore the magic and mysterious temples and tombs, and connect with the locals on this great adventure.

Ethiopia with Womens Travel Club

Womens Travel Club

Ethiopia is a land of contrasts and extremes and a land of remote and wild places. It is like nowhere else on the planet, a beautiful country blessed with a peerless history, fabulous wildlife and some of Africa's most soulful peoples. Our tour will explore the deep history and its attractions in the north before we discover the culture and tribes of the south. Extend your stay! Make it a Grand Tour by combining this tour with our South Africa Safari & Tour prior or our Madagascar Adventure after.

Morocco with Womens Travel Club

Womens Travel Club

Join the Women's Travel Club on this adventure to exotic Morocco. Morocco is a country of amazing diversity. Here you will find epic mountain ranges, ancient cities, sweeping deserts, quaint seaside villages and bustling metropolitan cities. We will explore and shop in the endless labyrinth of medinas, taste the amazing flavours, immerse ourselves in the culture and ride camels in the red sand of the Sahara Desert.
Womens Travel club egypt

Egypt with Womens Travel Club

Womens Travel Club

With sand-covered tombs, majestic pyramids and towering Pharaonic temples, Egypt brings out the Indian Jones in all of us. This amazing tour of everything Egypt includes a 3 Night Nile cruise. Discover the secrets of the Great Pyramids and explore the Valley of the Kings, then meet local people and share a traditional meal. Egypt, probably the world’s oldest civilization, is a treasure trove for history and archaeology.

Dubai Getaway

Womens Travel Club

Take a break from winter and experience the wonders of one of the world’s most futuristic cities with this women-only small group tour. Take advantage of the city’s luxurious shopping and nightlife in between visits to the towering Burj Khalifa, a desert safari, and a trek to nearby Abu Dhabi, the Emirati capital.
Canyon Calling Magical Morocco for women

Magical Morocco

Canyon Calling Adventures for women

Morocco is a cultural crossroads with a strong and ancient tradition of caring for travelers - seldom have we felt so safe in the world. We'll hike in the Atlas and enjoy cultural connections in the Berber village hosting us. Nothing will prepare you for the impact that the Sahara has on your soul and sleeping under the stars at a Bedouin camp is unforgettable. Best of all, we'll connect with the women of Morocco.