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Girls on tour dest-antartica

Chile – Argentina – Antarctica

Girls on Tour Australia

From the most northern reaches of Chile to the most southern, Patagonia, if you’ve never been to this region, it’s sure to touch your soul. Wide-open landscapes, stunning mountain peaks, country air, amazing hospitality and of course, the local cowboys 'gaucho’.  And then... the magic of Antarctica
Wanderful Antarctica

Wanderful Trip to Antarctica

Wanderful – She’s Wanderful

Join us for our most exciting a trip yet — an Antarctica cruise with 100 travel-loving women + allies from the Wanderful community on the 200-seat Ocean Endeavour for Wanderful friends, family (over age 15) and community from around the world. Join us as we journey from Ushuaia, Argentina through the Drake Passage, take excursions around in Zodiac boats to see glaciers up-close, and get all sorts of lessons on marine biology, glaciology and Antarctic history from in-house experts. We’ll be traveling with Intrepid Travel, a leader in responsible and sustainable trips.

Womens Travel Club antarctica

Antarctic Expedition

Womens Travel Club

Explore the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula in comfort. A charter flight ushers you from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia prior to embarkation. Once on board, you’ll marvel at the marine life and the myriad of seabirds swooping in close to show off just for you.