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Adventures in Patagonia

Adventures in Good Company

Patagonia is one of the most stunning, diverse, and sparsely populated places on earth. Shared by Argentina and Chile, it is known for its pristine wilderness, magnificent snow-capped peaks, dramatic granite spires, sparkling lakes, and immense glaciers. Its spectacular beauty has been preserved both by its remoteness and the parks that protect the outstanding landscapes.
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Chile – Argentina – Antarctica

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From the most northern reaches of Chile to the most southern, Patagonia, if you’ve never been to this region, it’s sure to touch your soul. Wide-open landscapes, stunning mountain peaks, country air, amazing hospitality and of course, the local cowboys 'gaucho’.  And then... the magic of Antarctica
Sights and Soul Brazil

The Wonders of Brazil and Argentina

Sights and Soul Travels

Brazil is synonymous with a passion for life and a diversity of both nature and culture. We’ll traverse the bustling, sensual metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, enjoy a panoramic feast of the breath-taking Iguazu Falls, and journey through the last great wilderness on Earth, the Amazon rainforest, teeming with thousands of species of animals and plants. From Brazil we’ll continue to the neighboring Argentina, where we’ll be immersed in the sophistication and the fiery passion of Buenos Aires, finding Argentina's soul in the glamorous tango, excellent wines, nouvelle cuisine, Pampas horseriding and Gauchos.