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womens travel club costa rica

Costa Rica with Womens Travel Club

Womens Travel Club

Costa Rica is full of unmatched natural beauty. This two-week tour ventures off the beaten path to a lush and wild world. Stop in at a reforestation project, visit a sea turtle conservancy program, opt to zip-line through the jungle canopy, and have a soak in volcanic hot springs. Riding a wave of “pura vida,” experience pure travel joy.
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Costa Rica Chill out

Canyon Calling Adventures for women

Beaches, volcanic mountains, tropical rain forests, dolphins, and more! This peaceful nation is blessed with gorgeous beaches, volcanic mountains and dense, tropical rain forests supporting a bird and animal kingdom more varied than any country on earth.
Siren surfing adventures Costa Rica

Siren Surf Adventures With Kristy Murphy in Costa Rica

Siren Surf Adventures with Kristy Murphy

When people began to enquire about surfing in Costa Rica with Siren Surf Adventures, it was decided to head back to the “Rich Coast”. Cat and Kristy knew exactly where to aim the compass… to the end of the road. Pavones is near the Panamanian border and maintain it’s wild jungle and laid back Pura Vida atmosphere. It is truly a natural retreat that you’ll never forget.
Sights and Soul Costa rica

Natures Paradise of Costa Rica

Sights and Soul Travels

Fall under the spell of the charismatic Costa Rica. This friendly country enchants with its pristine beauty and amazing culture, and the Nature’s Paradise tour will offer a chance for an unhurried exploration of its tropical beaches, orchid-festooned rainforests and mystical cloud forests, its hot springs, waterfalls, volcanoes and the heart-stopping tropical jungles teeming with wildlife.
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Colorful Costa Rica

Gutsy Women Travel

Nature’s kaleidoscopic display envelops you through red macaws, blue morpho butterflies, pink and green houses, purple-hued orchids, verdant rainforests and blazing sunsets. This beautiful land known for wellness, wildlife and waterfalls harbors nearly 6% of the world’s biodiversity, with 12 different ecosystems referred to as life zones.