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todays woman travellers london big-ben

London & Paris in The Summer + French Riviera Optional Extension

Todays Woman Traveller

Like so many of you, we agree that both London and Paris are European highlights with so much to see and do! Whether you have been before or this is going to be your first time, it’s a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in these two historic and dynamic cities. We have lots of included features and still offer time and space for independent exploring, gallery visits, and shopping.
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adventures in good company discover cornwall

Discovering Cornwall

Adventures in Good Company

Discover the essence of Cornwall on our hiking trip along different sections of the South West Coast Path. At 630 miles, it's England's longest waymarked foot path, following the entire coastline of Cornwall. We'll hike a variety of sections, from the extremely rugged North Coast to the more sedate South Coast, to give us a taste of the Path's diversity.
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Wandering Women UK

United Kingdom – England, Wales, Cornwall and Scotland

Wandering Women

We travel from England into Cornwall and the pirate's haunts of years gone by on beautiful Cornish coastlines. Then we head to Wales before experiencing the world renowned Lakes District. From there we go to Scotland and taste their magnificent Scotch, the Isle of Skye and stunning ancient and modern buildings in Scottish cities. Then we travel south again to take in the Cotswolds and other historic and stunning English scenery before heading home.
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Womens Travel Club England and Wales

England and Wales

Womens Travel Club

It might be small but England packs a lot of scenery and history into its pint-sized shores. With a story that stretches back more than 5000 years (and likely long before), England is a place where the past is a constant presence, ruined castles perch on lonely hilltops, medieval cathedrals compete with regal palaces and improbably ostentatious stately homes pop up with bewildering regularity.
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women of London tour

London Walking Tours

Women of London – Walking Tours

Women of London – Walking Tours – The importance of Women’s History has grown and will continue to do so as the Century goes on. Our world is built upon the actions of the women. Our statues, memorials and historical narrative do not yet reflect this. Uncover the story with us.
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Rue Pigalle London Made by hand

Made by Hand – London

Rue Pigalle Journeys Through Jewelry

This is “Made by Hand”, a journey into the artisanal soul of London. In order to truly explore the concept of “Made by Hand” in the best possible manner, Rue Pigalle has partnered with London Craft Week for an exceptional week-long discovery program of workshops, lectures, gallery visits and exclusive events in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.
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Sights and Soul London and

London and the English Countryside

Sights and Soul Travels

Enjoy the urban chic of London, sprinkled with the magic of royalty, art and gardens. See a West End theatre play, ride on the London Eye, tour the Tower of London, the British Museum, and take the Thames River cruise. Then venture to the picture perfect Cotswolds, discover the hidden Oxford, look for Jane Austen's heritage in Bath and visit the prehistoric Stonehenge.  (This is a Mother-Daughter recommended tour)
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