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Australian womens travel Rome

Tour Italy ‘La Dolce Vita’

Australian Womens Travel

Join Australian Womens Travel  for a tour that is womens travel at its best ! Italy, one of the best travel destinations on the planet. Italy has it all ! Great history, culture, art, food, wine, fashion, coffee, style, character filled villages, hill towns, beaches, mountains and lakes.
Feminists of Paris street guides

Feminist of Paris

Feminists of Paris

Join one of our four regular tours, or let us customise one for you. Open to all, feminists or not, our experiences are based on tolerance, open mindedness and a constant quest for debate. It is through moments of genuine conviviality and judgment-free exchanges that we promote those values. Come share your thoughts on one of our experiences!
Girls Guide to Paris Aveyron

The Undiscovered Aveyron

Girls Guide to Paris and Beyond

Just because you haven’t heard of an area, doesn’t mean that its not spectacular. This is a place where the French vacation and it is filled with plus beaux villages de France (the most beautiful villages in France). Its is a contrast in richness having both extraordinarily beautiful countryside, hill-top historic villages as well as the ancient and awesome city of Albi home to Toulouse Lautrec. With Girls Guide to Paris you will canoe, walk and discover the secrets of this fairytale land rich with foie gras, rolling fields, hearty red wines and roquefort cheese.
girls guide to paris writing and wellness

Writing, Wine and Wellness in South West France

Girls Guide to Paris and Beyond

Presenting a Writing Workshop in the Southwest of France coupled with a relaxing vacation. Jumpstart your inspiration and capability with three different writing instructors each with their own speciality and wind down each day by experiencing some extremely beauty, sipping some delicious wine next to where its produced and rest your head in a gorgeous Chateau.
Girls guide to paris - and loire Schloss_Chenonceau

Paris and the Loire Valley Tour

Girls Guide to Paris and Beyond

Paris and the Loire Valley Tour with Debbie Phillips and Doni Belau  Yes you heard right. Head off to Paris and return home with a plan in hand for the next steps in your newly transformed life! Whether you are in transition or anticipate a transition – or you simply want to plan a fantastic year ahead for yourself, this is a rare opportunity to enjoy the best of Paris and work with a world-class life and executive coach to figure out your next steps.
Girls guide to Paris BURGUNDY-15

Life at the Chateau Burgundy Tour

Girls Guide to Paris and Beyond

In the fall of 2020, we’ve planned an incredible, authentic Burgundian experience. The setting is what will thrill and amaze you. We’ll be staying at a proper Castle with a moat and several turrets. The home of the Hawkes family dates back to the 1700’s and we shall learn from Madame and Monsieur precisely what it’s like to live in a vrai French castle. We’ll explore their potager vegetable garden, pick flowers from their extensive flower gardens and follow Monsieur’s tutorial on how to set the table and arrange the flowers that would suit a Chateau.
Girls guide to paris - three countries

Ravishing Rhine River Valley

Girls Guide to Paris and Beyond

Rhine River Valley Trip of France, Germany and Switzerland  This extraordinary 3-country trip begins by focusing on the tiny Alsatian Plus Beaux villages of France situated around Colmar during their spring splendor. Using the Rhine River as our inspiration and guide, we’ll then delve into the black forest of Germany staying at both an award-winning spa as well as a splendidly charming overgrown village where our co-host grew up, the city of Freiburg. We’ll end this magnificent excursion in the art-filled town of Basel, Switzerland staying right on the Rhine itself.
Girls guide to Paris Van Gough provence

Provence in the Footsteps of Van Gough

Girls Guide to Paris and Beyond

Have you dreamed of Provençale hilltop villages, Chateneuf du Pape vineyards, olive trees with glistening ripe olives dripping from them? What about strolling through a farmers market in Provence selecting farm-fresh produce for your countryside picnic? Join Girls Guide to Paris for its Ladies Only April 2020 Provence Adventure. We’re sure it’s a place that will live in your heart for many years to come.
Womens Travel Network canada Russian waterways

Russian Waterways

Womens Travel Network Canada

dates tbc This special Russian Waterways cruise offers a unique opportunity to explore Russia’s two great cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg, and to discover its lovely countryside, amazing architecture and rich cultural heritage. Our floating hotel will allow us to unpack just once, stay in the heart of each of these historic cities and pass through the canals, lakes and rivers that connect them.
adventures in good company kayaking Douro valley

Kayaking and Hiking the Douro Valley

Adventures in Good Company

The Douro River Valley is surrounded by natural preserved areas on either side of the river that form Europe’s largest protected area. The Douro Valley stretches across 62 miles and is the only natural border between Spain and Portugal. We will paddle among unique landscapes, where deep granitic valleys with craggy slopes have been slowly excavated by the Douro and Águeda rivers since the beginning of time.
adventures in good company amalfi coast

Sicily and the Amalfi Coast

Adventures in Good Company

The Amalfi Coast is simply stunning: rugged mountains, craggy seashore, and azure blue ocean serve as a backdrop to tiny villages perched on steep hills. The hiking is delightful hiking, the history is fascinating, and the cuisine is exquisite. The island of Sicily shares all this and yet is different in every way with its own distinctive feel.
adventures in good company bulgaria

Bulgaria’s Mountains And Monasteries

Adventures in Good Company

Lying almost forgotten for years behind the Iron Curtain, Bulgaria remains one of the continent's best kept secrets. Our trip provides the opportunity to discover the amazingly rich cultural and natural heritage of Bulgaria's remote Rhodope, Pirin and Rila Mountains, with opportunity to interact with local people and learn about their way-of-life.