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adventures in good company kayaking Douro valley

Kayaking and Hiking the Douro Valley

Adventures in Good Company

The Douro River Valley is surrounded by natural preserved areas on either side of the river that form Europe’s largest protected area. The Douro Valley stretches across 62 miles and is the only natural border between Spain and Portugal. We will paddle among unique landscapes, where deep granitic valleys with craggy slopes have been slowly excavated by the Douro and Águeda rivers since the beginning of time.
adventures in good company amalfi coast

Sicily and the Amalfi Coast

Adventures in Good Company

The Amalfi Coast is simply stunning: rugged mountains, craggy seashore, and azure blue ocean serve as a backdrop to tiny villages perched on steep hills. The hiking is delightful hiking, the history is fascinating, and the cuisine is exquisite. The island of Sicily shares all this and yet is different in every way with its own distinctive feel.
adventures in good company bulgaria

Bulgaria’s Mountains And Monasteries

Adventures in Good Company

Lying almost forgotten for years behind the Iron Curtain, Bulgaria remains one of the continent's best kept secrets. Our trip provides the opportunity to discover the amazingly rich cultural and natural heritage of Bulgaria's remote Rhodope, Pirin and Rila Mountains, with opportunity to interact with local people and learn about their way-of-life.
adventures in good company hiking wales

Hiking Wales

Adventures in Good Company

Discover the essence of Wales on our hiking trip to all three of Wales' National Parks. Although a small country, it is second to none in its fascinating history, varied and stunning topography, and a warm and welcoming tradition of hospitality, and our hiking trip is a perfect mixture of hiking in stunning landscapes, interwoven with cultural encounters and experiences.
adventures in good company swiss day walks

Day Hiking the Swiss Alps

Adventures in Good Company

The Swiss Alps, with their jagged peaks and myriad trails, have long been a magnet for a hikers. On this trip we'll hike some of the premiere trails in both the Berner Oberland and the Valais, returning each night to a hearty dinner and warm bed. We'll take advantage of the excellent Swiss transport system to offer shorter and longer hikes each day - you will definitely get all the hiking you want on this trip!
adventures in good company mont blanc

Tour du Mont Blanc and the Chamonix Valley

Adventures in Good Company

Sitting astride the borders of three different countries (France, Switzerland and Italy) the Mont Blanc massif is massive! Mont blanc, at 15,536 ft is the highest mountain in Western Europe. The rich alpine and cultural history of the area, the panoramic peaks, glaciers and alpine meadows, the windswept passes and the friendly small mountain towns all combine to make the circuit around Mont Blanc one of the premier hiking routes in Europe.
adventures in good company ireland castles

Ireland – Castles, Culture and Hiking

Adventures in Good Company

Ireland, appropriately known as the Emerald Isle, is a country steeped in history and rugged vistas. We'll encounter these vistas first hand as we hike to high cliffs, remote islands, coastal areas, and the lunar landscape fo the Burren. We'll learn about Ireland's turbulent past, including the Great Famine, and the centuries of conflict between the British and Irish.
adventures in good company hiking and culture in portugal

Portugal – Hiking and Culture

Adventures in Good Company

Portugal is the oldest nation-state in Europe, ancient in history and rich in maritime culture. We'll enjoy the view from the westernmost point of Europe, and soak in Portugal's diverse landscape by hiking along white sand beaches, through thick forests, and kayaking along the coast. We will explore fascinating historic sites including ancient castles, a lavish palace, two abandoned monasteries, and the sites of two sets of dinosaur tracks.
adventures in good company hiking ireland

Hiking Ireland

Adventures in Good Company

The Emerald Isle is known for its varied and delightful hiking and on this trip we aim to sample the best. We'll experience the diverse geography of the island as we hike parts of the Wicklow, Kerry, and Burren Ways, visit Killarney National Park and the Cliffs of Moher, and hike in mountains and along cliff tops. We'll also listen to Irish music and sample Irish cuisine, learn about Irish history, and experience the hospitality for which Ireland is known.
adventures in good company camino

On the Camino de Santiago

Adventures in Good Company

The Road of St James (El Camino de Santiago) has many traditions. In addition to being a pilgrimage route for Christians wanting to visit the tomb of St James, many experts believe that pre-Christian people traveled it into the setting sun to the "end of the earth". There are also Celtic traditions, Goddess traditions, even traditions having to do with the lost city of Atlantis. This intertwining of traditions is one of the most interesting aspects of the Road: there is something there for almost everyone, but not always what people expect at the outset of their journey.
adventures in good company cinque terre

Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera

Adventures in Good Company

The Cinque Terre is a collection of five colorful towns perched on steep cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, known as the Italian Riviera. After meeting in Florence, we will explore some of its culture and food before traveling to Camogli, a lovely coastal town on the Ligurian Coast.
Travel with Deborah antiques fair

Discover Arezzo in Tuscany

Travel with Debora to Arezzo in Tuscany

Whether you have a day to spend in the Tuscan city of Arezzo, or more time to explore the surrounding valleys, the person to show you is Debora Bresciani.  Become a part of the life, enjoy the local festivities and food, delight in the food and the art.