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Girls Guide to paris Loire Castles

Wine and Castles of Loire Valley

Girls Guide to Paris and Beyond

The Loire Valley is famous for its Castles, and yes they are spectacular. However the trick is to avoid the masses of crowds - this is why Girls Guide to Paris go as late in the season as possible. Explore the authentic Loire Valley and in addition to the castles we experience the charming villages of the Loire, its fall produce and we’ll savor the spectacular wines produced here. Chinon’s Cabernet Franc is one of our Founder’s favorites, the Sancerre is famous worldwide and you’ll be introduced to some light reds such as Samur and a red Sancerre which marry perfectly with fish or served chilled in summer.
South west france

Writing, Wine & Wellness In Southwest France

Girls Guide to Paris and Beyond

Jumpstart your inspiration and writing skills with a Writing Workshop in the Southwest of France coupled with a relaxing vacation. This unique retreat features three different writing instructors each with their own specialty. But it’s not all finding your inner Flaubert; wind down each day by experiencing some extreme beauty: sipping spectacular wine next to where its produced and resting your head in a gorgeous Chateau.
Girls Guide to Paris Aveyron

The Undiscovered Aveyron

Girls Guide to Paris and Beyond

Just because you haven’t heard of an area, doesn’t mean that its not spectacular. This is a place where the French vacation and it is filled with plus beaux villages de France (the most beautiful villages in France). Its is a contrast in richness having both extraordinarily beautiful countryside, hill-top historic villages as well as the ancient and awesome city of Albi home to Toulouse Lautrec. With Girls Guide to Paris you will canoe, walk and discover the secrets of this fairytale land rich with foie gras, rolling fields, hearty red wines and roquefort cheese.
Normanby and Channel islands

Picture Perfect Normandy + The Channel Islands

Girls Guide to Paris and Beyond

Full of contrasts, Normandy enchants and inspires with every bend in its country roads. From the rolling hills dotted with cows to its impressive rugged coastline; from its fairy-tale villages to its glorious cathedrals; it is a place that literally embraces you and transports you. No wonder the impressionists saw it as a canvas full of inspiration.
Adventures in Good Company Greek Islands

Island Hopping in the Greek Islands

Adventures in Good Company

Explore both the culture and the natural beauty of the Greek islands by foot. We will hike along ancient footpaths, sample Greek delicacies at local taverns, sit back to watch the street life, and swim in the azure seas. On this Adventures in Good Company we will visit the best spots as well as journey to the interior of the islands where we can experience firsthand the culture and habits of the islanders.
Adventures in Good Company Slovenia

Hiking Slovenia and the Julian Alps

Adventures in Good Company

Slovenia, the first former Yugoslavian state to join the European Union, is culturally rich and stunningly beautiful. The Julian Alps are the easternmost part of the alpine chain that arcs across southern Europe and alpine history and culture are apparent everywhere. Limestone peaks, glacial lakes, and a vibrant capital city mixed with more traditional small towns make this an ideal destination for any woman who loves to combine alpine hiking with learning about local history and culture and sampling traditional Slovenian cuisine. Join Adventures in Good Company.
Adventures in Good Company Greenland3

Hiking and Kayaking in Greenland

Adventures in Good Company

Greenland is the least populated, wildest country in the world. Most of it is covered by a huge ice cap and the population of 56,000 clings to the green fringe along the coast. It is spectacularly beautiful: soaring mountains tower over fjords choked with blue-tinged icebergs, sheep graze in deep green meadows, Viking ruins remind us of the population that survived here for 400 years. Adventures in Good Company explore a small area by foot, kayak, and boat, and spend our evenings absorbing the profound silence of this amazing area.
Adventure women Iceland fire and ice

Iceland: Adventures in the Land of Fire and Ice

Adventure Women

Experience the otherworldly beauty of Iceland with AdventureWomen on a seven-day adventure through its dramatic landscape with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, and lava fields.
Adventure Women iceland tour

Iceland: A Mother-Daughter Adventure

Adventure Women

Join Adventure Women and experience the otherworldly beauty of Iceland together on this active, seven-day mother-daughter adventure with ATV rides, wildlife cruises, horseback riding, hot springs, and snowmobiling.