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Alpinkreativ Scandanvia

Hut Trekking through Scandinavia

Alpinkreaktiv – Trekking for Women

Hut hiking tour through the Gränslandet, a wild felling area in the Swedish-Norwegian border area. Eventful tour through the 'väglösa land', which is called, Land ohne Strassen ', like remote mountain areas in Sweden. On lonely paths we walk through ancient forests, past sheer endless lake systems with crystal clear water, over Kahlfjell and moorland to Femunden Lake, the largest lake in Norway. We enjoy the magical play of colors of the Nordic late summer. 
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Adventures in Good Company Greenland3

Hiking and Kayaking in Greenland

Adventures in Good Company

Greenland is the least populated, wildest country in the world. Most of it is covered by a huge ice cap and the population of 56,000 clings to the green fringe along the coast. It is spectacularly beautiful: soaring mountains tower over fjords choked with blue-tinged icebergs, sheep graze in deep green meadows, Viking ruins remind us of the population that survived here for 400 years. Adventures in Good Company explore a small area by foot, kayak, and boat, and spend our evenings absorbing the profound silence of this amazing area.
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