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Corazon journeys Weavers in Guatemala

Through the Weavers Eyes

Corazon Journeys

Economic and Social Justice for Guatemalan Indigenous Women Explore, Learn and Serve Guatemala is a country of wonder : a feast for the eyes and a poem for the soul. Spectacular volcanic mountains take your breath away. Lake Atitlan mornings, where fishermen slowly paddle their hand-carved boats through the mist-shrouded water, are sweetly serene. The Colonial grace of Antigua charms with its pastel, sun-faded buildings and colorful street life.
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purposeful nomad guatemala

Guatemala: The Women Of Weaving

Purposeful Nomad

Textiles are intrinsically woven into the fabric of Guatemala. This journey through the central regions delves into the cultural and historical significance of textiles in Guatemala. From the lush valleys to the foreboding volcanoes, we not only visit different communities but will immerse ourselves in the extraordinary landscape of this country.
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