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Israel & Jordan

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Experience layers of meaning on this trip to the very heart of Western civilization. We’ll begin in Tel Aviv, rising from the sand dunes at the water’s edge.  The defiantly modernistic Bauhaus style architecture is being seriously preserved, and the city bubbles with energy.   Then it’s off to the Sea of Galilee, the lyrical shores of which were the birthplace of Christianity. We’ll tour the biblical sites of Armageddon and Nazareth, the ancient Roman site at Caesarea and the lively Druze villages.  Crossing into Jordan, another layer of history awaits.
Sights and Soul Israel

The Living History of Israel

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The bountiful blessings of a journey to Israel inspire both pilgrims and historians. From church mosaics to historical mosques, temple walls to alluring beaches, Israel is a classic. It brims with religious and historic importance and contemporary vitality, containing some of the world’s most historically and religiously significant sites. This is where the Baha’i Gardens blossom with date palms and carnations, antique fortresses shimmer with gold stones, and Roman ruins rise out of the coastal plains. The welcoming ambiance spans the whole country: from sampling olives fresh from the orchard to wines produced from verdant vines, from the ancient history to gorgeous landscapes and from the vibrant culture to the genuine hospitality of the Israelis.