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Girls in Italy Tour

La Dolce Vita Touring

Girls in Italy Tour is tailor-made for you to celebrate Italy on a journey that will have you floating through history, art, food, wine and culture.
Golden Week in Italian Lakes

Golden Week in the Italian Lakes

Golden Days in Italy

Join Susan Van Allen, author of 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go, for an inspiring springtime adventure in Italy’s beautiful Lake region. We’ll immerse ourselves in this wonderland that’s inspired poets and painters, fully experiencing three diverse lakes: Maggiore, Como, and Orta. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes of snow covered alps, sparkling waters, and vibrant gardens bursting into bloom, we’ll discover gorgeous palazzos, quaint villages, and meet wonderful locals.

Golden Week in Sicily

Golden Week in Sicily

Golden Days in Italy

Attention All You Wonderful Women!  It’s Time to Treat Yourselves To The Pleasures of Sicily:

Delicious Tastes of Palermo / Dazzling Monreale /Valley of the Temples at Sunset / Mount Etna Wine Tasting / Ceramic Artisans in Caltagirone / Bella Taormina/ Awesome Siracusa in 5 Star Hotels

Flavours of Northern Italy

Flavours of Northern Italy

Womens Travel Network Canada

The lakes, the Mediterranean, the gourmet food and wine centres of Italy – this trip to Northern Italy is a treasure trove of dreamy scenery and epicurean delights.
Sicily with Womens Travel network

Sicily’s Treasures

Womens Travel Network Canada

Sicily is a history lesson on a plate. And the best way to understand the island’s colourful history is to immerse yourself in its cuisine. Sicily is fascinating, delicious and paradoxical. It has been influenced beautifully by the parade of Phoenicians, Greeks, Normans, Moors, Romans and Spanish who have left their mark in temples, cathedrals and palaces but also in language, customs and above all, food.
Hut to hut hiking in dolomites

Italy: Hut to Hut Hiking in the Dolomites

Adventure Women

Hike through the spectacular eastern Dolomites, sleep in remote mountain huts, meet artisans and cheesemakers, and walk through forests of immense beeches as you get a taste of mountain life high in the Italian Dolomites!
Treasures of Sicily

Treasures Of Sicily – Jewel Box Of The Mediterranean

Girls’ Guide to Paris and Beyond

Join us on a unique and exclusive trip of Sicily a veritable treasure chest of art, history, color and culture plus fabulous food and wine and spectacular landscapes.
Artisans Sapori e saperi

Courses with Italian Artisans

Sapori and Saperi Adventures – Flavours and Knowledge of Italian Artisans

​​Join on of our intensive courses for professionals and keen amateurs with theoretical and practical sessions during which you learn with Italian professionals in your area of interest. Since there is a lot of hands-on practice, you return home being able to produce what you've been learning about. Course instructors are available after the course to answer questions by email. Advanced Salumi - Art and Science of Gelato -  Theory and practice of Italian Cheese - Truffle - Mozzarella - Olive Oil
giants of sardinia Sapori e Saperi

Giants of Sardinia

Sapori and Saperi Adventures – Flavours and Knowledge of Italian Artisans

The Bronze Age stone giants from Mont’e Prama are the wonder of Sardinia. Nearby we’ve found some giants of another kind: smaller in stature but brave and bold when defending their traditional food. Some will be familiar and some unexpected and bizarre, like the culurgiones you’ll get to make yourself. Don’t know what they are? Come find out. From bottarga to rice to saffron and peperoncino, your palate will expand to encompass a whole new world of flavours. You could even become a giant yourself. Really small group (maximum 10 people)​

Tuscany Cooking School

Womens Travel Club

Experience Tuscany and learn the basics of Tuscan cooking, stroll the narrow cobblestone streets of the medieval villages, shop at the city markets, cook with the local women, listen as the church bells ring, wander the gardens as you sip Vin Santo wine while you discover each view is better than the last. Extend your stay! Make it a Grand Tour by combining this tour with our Sorrento Local Living Tour
sardinia sapori e saperi

Tastes & Textiles: Sea Silk in Sardinia​

Sapori and Saperi Adventures – Flavours and Knowledge of Italian Artisans

This 4-night hop to Sardinia is an extension to our Wine to Dye For tour. We’re going in search of the truth about byssus or sea silk, the dark brown beard of the giant mollusc Pinna nobilis. When cleaned, treated with lemon juice and viewed in bright light, it shimmers like gold thread.
your travel diary Milan trip women

Milan City and Regional Tours

Your Travel Diary – in the North of Italy

Lots of great short tours around Milan, guided by folk who know it's corners.  Art, Fashion, Theatre, walking, Cooking, Food and wine.  See the main sights or go off the beaten track walking, driving and by tram. Some great trips to choose from. Contact us to organise your itinerary around what you like doing