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Wabi-Sabi Japan; Zen Gardens & Historic Temples

Wabi-Sabi Japan; Zen Gardens & Historic Temples

Girls Guide to Paris and Beyond

Cherry Blossom time in Japan is known the world over. For most of us, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the explosion of blossoms while experiencing Japan using the little-known entry-way point of Wabi-Sabi. Learning about Wabi-Sabi will allow us to understand Japanese culture in a far deeper way than by a simple sightseeing trip. In 2020, peak Cherry blossom day in Kyoto was April 1st, and while there is no way to predict the weather, history shows us that peak bloom in this region usually occurs between the end of March and the beginning of April. The plum trees bloom just before; with any luck we’ll be able to see some of both!
Kyoto Glam Lux travels

Kyoto Gems

Glam Girls LUX Travels

This short 6 night GlamGirlsLuxTravels tour will tick all your Japanese boxes. In May when the weather is fine  - we'll do all the things locals do in Kyoto - Calligraphy, visit a few Temples, and castles, we'll walk our legs off amongst the cherry trees, learn how to 'shobori' a scarf, we'll visit gardens, and enjoy traditonal tea ceremonies, we'll visit galleries, and learn the art of wrapping up all our gifts we've purchased. And, we've included a Geisha dinner party as well..

Japan Cherry Blossom Tour

Womens Travel Club

Journey to the land of the rising sun, a country rich in history. Experience a taste of Japanese culture while staying in a traditional ryokan. Wander through fantastic gardens and be in awe of the abundance of serene temples and shrines. This lovely tour is planned during the famous Cherry Blossom Festival.
Japan Sisterhood womens travel

Cherry Blossoms of Japan

Sisterhood Womens Travel

Join us and visit Japan at one of the most beautiful times of the year!
Adventure Women Japan Culture and hiking Kumano Kodo

Japan’s Cultural Traditions & Hiking the Kumano Kodo

Adventure Women

Join Adventure Women  for a cultural journey through Japan at cherry blossom season, enjoying delicious Japanese feasts, exploring ancient traditions, hiking the ancient trails of the Kumano Kodo, relaxing in hot springs and meeting Japanese women – from priests to pearl divers!