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Japan with Womens Travel Network

Japan with Womens Travel Network

Womens Travel Network Canada

Japan is a beautiful, intricately designed puzzle, artfully integrating its proud ancient culture with the most modern of everything. Our tour is timed to coincide with the Cherry blossom (Sakura) season and we will marvel at this magical sight.
Adventure Women Japan Culture and hiking Kumano Kodo

Japan’s Cultural Traditions & Hiking the Kumano Kodo

Adventure Women

Join Adventure Women  for a cultural journey through Japan at cherry blossom season, enjoying delicious Japanese feasts, exploring ancient traditions, hiking the ancient trails of the Kumano Kodo, relaxing in hot springs and meeting Japanese women – from priests to pearl divers!
Glam lux tours food in japan

Exclusive Food Tour Tokyo

Glam Girls LUX Travels

This tour is in collaborationmwith  Rachel Lang – she is an expert in Japanese culture and customs and boasts a vast network of Japanese contacts in travel, tourism and hospitality. A fluent Japanese speaker who has worked as a professional interpreter and translator, Rachel is passionate about sharing her extensive local insight to deliver itineraries far removed from the standard tourist trail.
adventures in good company Japan

Japan’s Culture and Countryside

Adventures in Good Company

While Japan has long been known for its dynamic cities, only recently has the beauty and culture of the Japanese countryside begun to gain attention. On this trip we experience both, spending time in the beginning in Kyoto, the cultural heart of Japan, and at the end in Tokyo, a mixture of ancient and modern. In between we will hike some of the best parts of the Nakasendo Way, which linked the two cities during Japan's feudal period.