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Mt-Kilimanjaro-glam lux travels

Luxury Tented Kenya Safari

Glam Girls LUX Travels

Imagine waking up every day to a saffron sun rising over the savannah plains teeming with wildlife. Kenya’s tapestry of sweeping grasslands, arid plains and lush swamps with snow-topped mountains is home to spectacular life - USD$8500  Contemplate watching elephants under the gaze of the snow-capped Kilimanjaro and ending the day with a game drive to catch the ‘golden light’
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todays woman traveller Africa_Accommodations_inside_Elmentiata

Classic East Africa Safari

Todays Woman Traveller

When I think of a classic African ‘Safari’ it is Kenya and Tanzania that still get me excited to go back. From the lush slopes of Mt. Kenya, that Great Rift Valley, the wonderful Masai Mara plain, endless Serengeti, and the fascinating ecosystem at the bottom of an ancient Ngorongoro volcano floor, it can’t be beat. The culture and the people of both countries have affected me greatly with their pride, tenacity and generosity that weaves beautifully into their environment.
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Helping Hand Tours Africa Kenya

Family Memories – Nairobi & Southern Kenya

Helping Hand Africa Tours

We will explore the diverse city of Nairobi and surrounds including visiting a  baby elephant orphanage, followed by a 3 day African safari to Lake Naivasha, a 3 day safari into the world famous Masai Mara, a 4 day excursion to experience Kenya’s beautiful Indian Ocean coast, where you can rest and relax on a white sandy palm-tree fringed beach, swim in the crystal clear aqua sea, or take a glass-bottom boat ride out to a white sandy reef. Then Back to Nairobi for final day and celebratory group dinner.
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Kisima Safaris accommodation

Kisima Safaris – let us organise your trip to Kenya

Kisima Safaris

Kisima Safaris For Women By Women With Women – help you connect with self, other women and Nature. On arrival you come in with packed suitcases with what you think you need. But when going back home you take more than you expected. Self-love, love for others, joy, strength.
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Gutsy Women east africa kenya_masai_

East African Adventure

Gutsy Women Travel

Africa is tranquility amidst adventure, mighty waters and arid desert, nostalgia and modernism. With wide-open skies above and warm red earth beneath us, we’ll experience the meaning of awe-inspiring. From experiences alongside Masai elders, to the thrill of being near magnificent wildlife, to relaxing in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean, this land of contrasts and breathtaking beauty is simply life-changing.
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Womens Travel Network Kenya Safari

Kenya Wildlife Safari

Womens Travel Network Canada

Birthplace of the classic safari, Kenya is home to some of the best game viewing and most famous reserves on the continent. Africa’s ‘Big Five’ (elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo and leopard) will be in our sights as we travel overland in our pop-top safari vehicles accompanied by our safari guides. With a maximum of six participants per vehicle, we’ll each have a window seat to enjoy the best possible views of wildlife and take the best photos!
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