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Mongolia with Rensina

Rensina Travel Adventures

Come and live a simple life in Mongolia for 22 Days guided by an experienced Rensina Van Den Heuvel who has been going there for 10 years.  Travel in 4x4, camp in tents, stay in gers, live a nomadic life
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Diva Destinations Trans Siberian railway

Trans Siberian Railway in Winter

Diva Destinations

Joi​n Diva Destinations as we embark on a journey of a lifetime and see some of the most breathtaking scenery and landscape as our train journeys through Russia and into Mongolia. This is by far the best way to fully appreciate the vastness of the country. It's your chance to experience the legendary Railway that spans across a 1/3 of the World and be part of an unforgettable trip.
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roots journeys magic of bali

Custom Tours in Asia

Roots Journeys

We take you off the beaten track to discover a new way of travelling in Asia. Nourish your soul and feel the magic of Asia. We promote eco-friendly and mindful travel. We are based in Northern Thailand, but also organize trips in Bali, Cambodia, Nepal & Mongolia. 
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