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Women Traveling the world Montenegro kotor

Montenegro Tour

Women Traveling the World

Come Explore this hidden Gem of Europe and learn about why Montenegro is reveling in the spotlight as a New tourist destination. The people here are candid, warm and charming. Unlike in many other emerging destinations, they welcome you as friends and are happy to embrace you as a visitor not a tourist. Just Bordering Croatia to the North it is not even 300km from top to bottom but Montenegro's coastline offers some of Europe’s most spectacular seaside scenery. This tour can be done alone or added as a pre tour to the Croatia May Yacht Cruise.
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Adventures in Good Company Via Dinarica

Highlights of the Via Dinarica

Adventures in Good Company

Named Outside Magazine's Best New Trail, the Via Dinarica travels through the heart of the Western Balkans, along the Dinaric Alps. Crossing 8 different countries, it is still very much in development. Rather than waiting until it is completed, Adventures in Good Company are going to hike the highlights in three different countries, designed not only to show you the best of the trail of but also to give you an understanding of its significance and the cultures of the countries it passes through.
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