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Alpinkreativ Scandanvia

Hut Trekking through Scandinavia

Alpinkreaktiv – Trekking for Women

Hut hiking tour through the Gränslandet, a wild felling area in the Swedish-Norwegian border area. Eventful tour through the 'väglösa land', which is called, Land ohne Strassen ', like remote mountain areas in Sweden. On lonely paths we walk through ancient forests, past sheer endless lake systems with crystal clear water, over Kahlfjell and moorland to Femunden Lake, the largest lake in Norway. We enjoy the magical play of colors of the Nordic late summer. 
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Canyon Calling Norway active adventure for women

Norway – Active Adventure Tour for Women

Canyon Calling Adventures for women

In Norway, outdoor activities are a natural part of life all year round, and the fjords are said to be the soul of the country. Norway is a Scandinavian country encompassing mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords. Come hike with us, kayak in the breathtaking fjords, bike along a mountain path, enjoy the colorful wooden houses, and lovely friendly people.
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Sights and Soul Norway

Summer Tour to Norway

Sights and Soul Travels

Explore the vast stretches of serene, yet exhilarating landscapes, from the deep, blue-black fjords and rearing snowy peaks to jagged forested hills, from the seemingly limitless expanse of the Arctic tundra to the plunging river valleys. These grand scale landscapes are dotted with cosmopolitan cities and amiable small towns which exemplify the Scandinavian sophistication in architecture, design and the flair for living in one with nature. The essence of Norway’s appeal is remarkably simple: this is one of the most beautiful countries on earth, the ultimate nature-lover’s paradise.
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