Wanderful Homesharing – Accommodation for Women Travellers

A fabulous new network for women travellers as they travel and as they stay at home - Become a Hostess

WomenTravel encourages women to join Wanderful Homesharing both as as a traveller and a hostess. This platform was launched in March 2019.

Join Wanderful as a hostess and as a traveller

Wanderful Homesharing – Accommodation for Women Travellers

Airbnb was exciting at the beginning, now it has grown beyond its starting point as a homesharing network. Wanderful invites you to join their women focused homesharing platform.


 That’s what makes Wanderful different.

Join this exciting identity verified homesharing network and rent your home to interesting, kind women from around the world. More
  • Firstly Create an Account. Go Here and at the top of the page click sign up. As a member you can browse listings, book a stay and add your own home to share if that is what you would like to do.
  • Secondly if you want to share your home or property for women to stay in Submit a listing
  • Any trouble at all, and they can help 🙂
It is free to list, and the network is funded by a small proportion of any booking.

WomenTravelNZ began when my partner and I built a lodge for women travellers in 2003. We became a part of a network around NZ of special places women could stay. At WomenTravel the World we continued this network, but always felt that at the worldwide level there needed to be a better way of connecting women safely and securely.

Wanderful Homesharing – Accommodation for Women Travellers
Beth Santos of Wanderful Homesharing

Now Beth Santos inspired entrepreneur and global traveler and Wanderful in Boston USA have taken the lead in starting this wonderful world wide community of women sharing their homes with other women travellers.

So WomenTravel has decided when we launch our own new website for women travellers in 2019, that we will no longer list accommodation for women, apart from those that specialise in Retreats. We will support the development of Wanderful Homesharing and encourage women to join this exciting new platform both as travellers and as a hostess.

WomenTravel encourages women to sign up and be part of the Wanderful Homesharing network, either as a traveller or as a hostess.

Beth Santos calls on women travellers to join the Wanderful homesharing community

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