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Sri Lanka with glam girls lux travels

Sri Lanka – Tear Drop Island delight

Glam Girls LUX Travels

Sri Lanka – ranked a top destination to visit.  An overlooked gem, this exotic island in the Indian Ocean seduces everyone who steps foot with its stunning unspoiled wilderness, colorful history, and flavorful cuisine. Due to the proximity and a lack of crowds, it’s possible to pack a lot into a trip to Sri Lanka.

Aah, Luang Prabang Laos & Hanoi Vietnam

Glam Girls LUX Travels

Join #glamgirlsluxtravels on this 8 night escape to Luang Prabang and Hanoi

  • Laos, landlocked country of northeast-central mainland Southeast Asia.
  • 'Luang Prabang is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its outstanding cultural, historic and architectural values and its harmonious relationship between the natural and built environment
  • Vietnam – Hanoi. Hanoi is sometimes dubbed the Paris of the East for its French influences. With its tree-fringed boulevards, more than two dozen lakes and thousands of French colonial-era buildings, Hanoi is a popular tourist destination. It is the second largest city in Vietnam, with over eight million residents within its city.

Vietnam Hidden Charms

Glam Girls LUX Travels

This peep into the exotic world of Vietnam will envelope us with the fabulous decor inspiration of our 5 Star Hotels,  We’ll have ample time to shop in Hanoi, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh seeking out those fine silks so well known to Vietnam,  and much insight into the Indochine cuisine. Oh bring it on!  
Santiago-de-Compostela-glam girls

Camino de Santiago with Glam Girls

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The Camino de Santiago is a route for pilgrims. But despite its religious origins, its intrigue goes far beyond the holy experience. Walking for several days on the Camino del Sol (from east to west), mixing with strangers along the same route, spending the night in places where you wouldn’t have stopped under normal circumstances, and following the same path that pilgrims have traveled for centuries, all make St. James Way a spiritual experience.
Kyoto Glam Lux travels

Kyoto Gems

Glam Girls LUX Travels

Kyoto is considered the cultural capital of Japan and a major tourist destination. It is home to numerous Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, palaces and gardens, many of which are listed collectively by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
Glam lux tours food in japan

Exclusive Food Tour Tokyo

Glam Girls LUX Travels

This tour is in collaborationmwith  Rachel Lang – she is an expert in Japanese culture and customs and boasts a vast network of Japanese contacts in travel, tourism and hospitality. A fluent Japanese speaker who has worked as a professional interpreter and translator, Rachel is passionate about sharing her extensive local insight to deliver itineraries far removed from the standard tourist trail.
Glam Girl LUX South Africa

Visit South Africa

Glam Girls LUX Travels

This once-in-a-lifetime experience is NOT a regular safari.  It’s a unique and personalized adventure, searching and exploring wildlife in the magnificent Hoedspruit area in South Africa. We’ll be working with the teams of experienced wildlife veterinarians and conversational professionals on one of their vital projects, such as Elephant collaring, trekking, tracking and collaring wild dogs, or lions or de-horning rhino
Kolkata with Glam Lux

Kolkata & Darjeeling Glenburn style!

Glam Girls LUX Travels

Oh my! Let’s DO Kolkata and Darjeeling, in style! -  Pinkies up.. its Tea time in India!  Our exclusive Penthouse in Kolkata, is a discrete, elegant residence in the heart of historic Kolkata - we'll fly to Darjeeling, for tea in the Plantations -started by a Scottish tea company in 1859, passed into the hands of one of India’s pioneering tea planting families – The Prakashes, one of India’s pioneering tea-planting families, will have us totally tea treated.
glam girls LUX Morocco

Glam Girls goes to Morocco

Glam Girls LUX Travels

Morocco with Di Cant - our own personal Fashionista 8 - 19 October'21 - For over 40 years, Di Cant has been a leading figure in the Australian fashion industry. Throughout her long career, Di has styled and compered countless fashion shows and season launches. For nearly three decades, Di held the position of Fashion Manager for the Australian Fashion Design Awards, as was seen on Channel 9 each year. Our trip includes Fes, Chefchaouen, Tangier, Marrakech, Desert Camp, and Essaouira - oh my! And our accommodation will be 5* all the way!